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Featured Dataset

  • Gewog Boundary of Bhutan

    Gewog boundaries are the block boundaries dividing the districts into several blocks .The data is derived from Topographic maps View details
  • Dzongkhag Boundary of Bhutan

    The District boundaries of Bhutan are delineated from Topographic maps based on the endorsed administrative boundary descriptions. View details
  • Location of Hydrological Stations of Bhutan showing Mean Annual Flow( cumecs) of the year 2013

    The Map showing locations of Principal,sediment and Secondary Gauging Station of Bhutan. Parameters observed by Principal & sediment stations are Discharge,Water Temperature,water level and sediment samples. The Secondary Station measures Discharge,Water Temperature,water level. These data are availabe from 1989. The parameters are observed daily. Data are observed and sent to Head Office every monthy by post. There are 16 Principal stations out of which 11 also have Sediment Stations and 9 Secondary Stations in Bhutan under DHMS,MoEA. View details
  • Transportation Network of Bhutan

    The road network of Bhutan comprise of all National Highways, Feeder roads, farm roads and access roads including all primary, secondary and tertiary roads for the entire country. View details
  • Location of Automatic Water Level Station(AWLS)

    The Map showing Automatic Water Level Stations of Bhutan under DHMS, MoEA. Parameter observed by AWLS are rainfall and water level. The parameters are observed and sent to head office every 15-30 mins via GPRS/GSM/Satellite. There are 17 AWLS.The data are available from 2011. View details