Bhutan GeoSpatial Portal

Featured Dataset

  • MODIS Active Fire Data of Bhutan

    This dataset is created using Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectro-radiometer (MODIS) data . The data shows the locations of fire incidents within Bhutan on various dates in the period between 2000 to 2013 along with the confidence level information of such incidents. View details
  • Glaciers of Bhutan 2010

    Digital polygon data of Glaciers of Bhutan in 2010. This dataset is created using Landsat TM and ETM+, imageries of 2010. The glacier outlines was derived semi-automatically using object-based image classification (OBIC ) method separately for clean ice and debris cover and further editing and validation was done carefully by draping over the high resolution images from Google Earth. View details
  • Dzongkhag Boundary of Bhutan

    The Dzongkhag boundaries of 20 disctricts are delineated from Topographic maps mostly using the natural features for administrative purposes. View details
  • Location of Hydrological Stations of Bhutan

    The Map showing locations of Principal,sediment and Secondary Gauging Station of Bhutan. Parameters observed by Principal & sediment stations are Discharge,Water Temperature,water level and sediment samples. The Secondary Station measures Discharge,Water Temperature,water level. These data are availabe from 1989. The parameters are observed daily. Data are observed and sent to Head Office every monthy by post. There are 16 Principal stations out of which 11 also have Sediment Stations and 9 Secondary Stations in Bhutan under DHMS,MoEA. View details
  • Road Network of Bhutan

    It contains the road network of Bhutan picked up by using DGPS in 2006 and from field survey using total station. View details
  • Protected Areas and Biological Coridors in Bhutan

    It shows national Parks, Nature reserves, and Biological corridor networks of Bhutan. View details